About Smart Salem

Smart Salem Medical Centre a first of its kind, state of the art, futuristic for Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and General directorate of residence and foreigners ( GDRFA) customers. The primary purpose of the smart Salem Medical Centre is to provide a unique facility for DHA’s Medical Fitness and Occupational Health Services where customers can get their medical tests done in a paperless and seamless environment.

As per Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum initiative for Dubai to be an innovative and smart city, DHA leaders took the initiative to be part of this change and to provide the healthcare clients solutions to achieve healthy and smart healthcare ecosystem. Also as part of this mission, the DHA moved many services into the digital space and is now taking the lead to introduce smart solutions to facilitate unified patient healthcare services available in few keystrokes. Patients will have unprecedented access to all healthcare services, providers and records in the city, making the best use of available data to ensure that our visitor’s user experiences are better with focus on efficiency, quality and innovation.

Smart Salem Medical Centre currently employs a paperless system, with customer service staff guiding them through the whole process at every stage. The traditional approach used in less technologically advanced clinics results in long waiting times, increases the costs for the medical centre as well as the risk for human error and lacks technological revolution.

Smart Salem Medical Center is a first of its kind center in the Gulf region to introduce futuristic solutions and the latest technologies and gadgets to make our process more simple, seamless , safe and easy. Smart Salem Medical Center utilises advanced robots, FDA approved digital medical equipment and artificial intelligence to move our customers swiftly through select DHA services with peace of mind.

Smart Salem Medical Center will help DHA become the stepping stone for the adaption of latest technologies for its customers. We will work side-by-side with the DHA to expand these technological innovations to other facilities throughout the Emirate of Dubai.


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