Smart Salem


1. What is the Smart Salem VIP Medical Center?

Smart Salem Medical Center will allow the customers to walk in a service center where all the process is paperless and via technology with least human interaction Customer will be greeted by a robot. The primary purpose of the smart Salem Medical Center is to provide a unique facility for DHA’s Medical Fitness and Occupational Health Services where customers can get their medical tests done in a paperless and seamless environment. You may apply for full packaged (Medical Fitness Visa + residence Visa only within 30 minute).

2. What's the packages that Smart Salem VIP Medical Center provides?

Medical Fitness Visa Full package (Residence visa + Medical Fitness visa), Flu vaccination, COVID-19 PCR Test.

3. What's the cases that Smart Salem VIP Medical Center can't accept?

Any customer who is showing signs of COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms (No Symptomatic clients admitted)

4. Smart Salem VIP Medical Center location?

Kindly find the Smart Salem medical center location

5. Opening and closing timing?

The Smart Salem Medical Fitness Centre is open from Sunday to Thursday, from 08:00 AM to 7:30 PM

6. What's the necessary documents need to apply for each service?

An original Passport and/or Emirates ID

7. What the fees for each services?

Investor document required 1. Occupation: Investor (New/Renew) 2. Authorized Signatory (New/Renew) 3. Entry Permit (New) 4. Valid Passport (New/Renew) 5. Emirates ID Application (New/Renew) 6. Insurance (New/Renew) 7. Change Status (if available)

8. What's the payment methods that Smart Salem VIP Medical Center accept?

Credit Card Debit card Apple pay Samsung pay

9. What notifications will send to the client?

System will send automated notification to the client; Once the registration has been done the client will receive an SMS to the client mobile number. E Mail with the application attached with relevant instructions will be send to the client E Mail address.

10. How will the client get the medical fitness report?

Once certificate is ready the applicant will be informed by SMS, the certificate will be sent to the applicant by email and result will be transferred to GDRFA as well.

11. How can I get help or if I have any inquiries?

Clients can contact DHA call center as below: Contact number: 800 342 (DHA) Email: