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Welcome to Smart Medical Fitness Centre

Smart Salem Medical Centre is a first of its kind, state of the art Medical Fitness Centre that is accredited by both the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners (GDRFA). Smart Salem is the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) first fully Artificial Intelligence (AI) autonomous medical fitness centre with an mission to provide exceptional VIP services to all visitors.

Smart Salem Medical Centre provides fast and accurate test results and DHA’s Medical Fitness and Occupational Health Services to clients in a futuristic facility where customers can rest assured that their medical fitness tests are being performed in a hygienic, paperless and perfectly seamless environment and manner. Our team of five robots guarantees that your visit will be hygienic with little human interaction, fast and entertaining.

Services Available

Medical Test In Just 30 Minutes

With the help of robotics, AI and cutting-edge technology, Smart Salem Medical Centre offers fastest visa processing in the UAE.

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COVID-19 PCR Testing at Home

Smart Salem Medical Centre offers a rapid PCR test at Home for Covid-19, which will allow you to travel outside the UAE, and into the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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An Exclusively VIP Service

Queuing and waiting are most people’s experience of testing, doctor’s office and Visa procurement, but what if it didn’t have to be that way? The Dubai Health Authority DHA has rated our services as platinum for a reason: they are both state of the art and top of the line. While other medical clinics and medical fitness centres offer VIP packages, we offer exclusively VIP services so every guest who enters Smart Salem Medical Centre is a VIP.

Smart Salem Medical Centre allows visitors to enter a service Centre where human interaction is minimised and all the processes are paperless and left in the trustworthy hands of our robotic staff.

From start to finish, your visit will be handled by Smart Salem’s novel and knowledgeable robotic counterparts. Upon entry, you will be greeted by Pepper, the friendly robot. Pepper will escort you to a self-service station that is equipped with the capacity to scan your Emirates ID, passport and visa. It is also able to read application barcodes and get your IRIS and Facial biometric registered or verified as well. Even payments can be done at the self-service kiosks using your credit card.

Your smart and fully automated visit to Smart Salem Medical Centre is simply safer than other clinics. Our technology minimises your interaction with humans and potential pathogens, and our robots ensure that your experience will be faster, more hygienic and much more exciting.

Our Partners

Smart Salem is proud to have partnered with Dubai’s highly distinguished Government Offices to make the process for UAE Residency simple whilst providing the highest customer satisfaction

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Our Affiliates

We have formed agreements with the best in class organizations who want their clients and staff to receive the ultimate VIP experience in medical fitness screening