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Why Choose Our Medical Fitness Examination Center for Residency Visa?

Our Smart Salem medical center located in City Walk is enabled by Artificial Intelligence and a range of technology. We use this cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional service to all Visitors.

What Does The Residency visa screening include?

  • A simple blood test
  • A chest X-Ray

What Documents Are Required for the Medical Fitness Examination?

  • New residence visa: Original Passport and Entry Permit
  • Renewal of Visa (Same Sponsor): Original Passport/ Emirates ID
  • Renewal Of Visa (Different Sponsor): Original Passport/ Emirates ID and Change Status
  • Golden visa for new Expatriates: Original Passport
  • Golden visa for a current residence visa: Original Passport/ Emirates ID

Book your Medical Fitness Appointment on Sundays

Book a medical test for the visa today for the ultimate VIP experience. To make an appointment for Dubai medical check-up for the UAE residency visa, contact us at:

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What Fees Do We Charge for Medical Fitness Screening?

  • Medical fitness test for 700 AED
  • Service Fees 50 AED
  • The Total including VAT is 750 AED

  • As a first step in the residency process to the UAE, all expatriates to the United Arab Emirates are required to undergo the medical fitness screening
  • This service enables customers to apply for medical fitness test which is necessary to complete the visa procedure with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai.
  • Expatriates who are coming to Dubai for the purpose of work, residence, or to study, are eligible to apply for this service. Depending on the visa type, this includes a blood test as well as an X-Ray examination.